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Dennis and Julie delve into music… it is generational. Julie’s Spotify list is changing as she ages. Dennis believes classical is best and doubts anything at the top of iTunes would hold his interest. Ben Shapiro showed up at a Podcast Movement event; the organizers apologized for the trauma his presence caused. Words like trauma and pain are overused by the Left. Dennis couldn’t stand small talk on a date… he’d have rather discussed human suffering and evil. On his radio show Dennis talked to Jon Mellis, a January 6 political prisoner who has been in jail for 19 months and has never had a bail hearing, let alone a trial. The believer in God has to account for the existence of unjust suffering; the atheist has to account for everything else – Milton Steinberg. Does God know what decision you would make, furthermore can God be saddened by that choice if he already knew? Do people really, truly believe the United States is systemically racist, or that climate change is an existential threat? What percentage of attractive women think they are attractive… do they really believe they aren’t? Surely, if you do right, there is uplift. But if you do not do right Sin crouches at the door; Its urge is toward you, yet you can be its master – Genesis 4:5-7. What would Jesus think of the New Testament? The Left suffers from cognitive dissonance. Today’s criminals are not held responsible for their actions… but the founding fathers are. If you vote Democrat… you are voting to destroy America. Having high expectations for humanity… leads to disappointment.