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One may have a messy desk and a clear mind. How DO you to spell Nietzsche?! Dennis and Julie delve into their high school athletic experiences, and both agree having coaches toughens you up. One of the greatest traits you can teach your child is resilience. Affluence has made us weak…we’ve taken America for granted. People despair… the importance of the sabbath is more crucial than ever. Julie has genuine fear for the future of the United States, and Dennis has learned that to despair is a sin. What helps with despair? Boston Children’s Hospital has released a video: Children Know They Are Trans ‘the Minute They Were Born.’ Are liberals a bigger problem than the Left… is the bully or the bystander the bigger issue? Judaism is based in law, Christianity in faith… these gifts are also the curse of each religion. If you aren’t on the Left, you’re a fascist… this binary thinking lacks courage. The Left’s brainwash is effective, and most effective in big cities. Dennis explains that the Tower of Babel from Genesis is always mentioned with “the city attached to it.” Big cities, masks, and protesting provide anonymity. Anonymity foments lawlessness and doesn’t breed kindness. The secret weapons in combating despair are knowing history, belonging, religion, and fighting… you don’t have to have a microphone… small things matter.