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Dennis and Julie delve into both definitions of optimism. It is crucial in society for boys to have, and for men to be father figures. In Meghan Markle’s new podcast ‘Archetypes’ she interviews Serena Williams, and they discuss the labels and boxes women are put into. Are claims of sexual assault overstated to promote victimhood status? Dennis never liked the campaign slogan “hope and change…” does America need major change? Dennis and Julie disagree on “gay marriage.” People on the Right are more accepting of opposite viewpoints than people on the Left. The Left’s rhetoric is so powerful that people are doing things against their own nature. Leftism makes you a worse human being… it’s ruining people’s natures. Most evil is ideological evil. We know the consequences of too much religion… we are learning the consequences of too much secularism. Religion is humbling… humanism is arrogant. Which came first …bad values or the Left?