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Dennis and Julie discuss being vulnerable in today’s culture. Does having a hobby require a certain level of vulnerability? Dennis observes that while men rib each other… women do not. Hook up culture benefits one sex… and it isn’t women. Men desire variety, how can that lead to monogamy? Is sex before marriage a sin? Dennis believes there are gradations of sin… all evil is sin, but not all sin is evil. The prevalence of marijuana use in society continues to rise. They discuss using marijuana versus alcohol. Dennis watched an episode of Real Housewives and Naked and Afraid much to Julie’s surprise. How much of reality tv… is reality? Surrogacy is miraculous, but is it being misused. Conservatives understand how liberals think, but liberals have no clue how conservatives think. Dennis regrets saying one thing in 40 years of broadcasting. Have Dennis’ views changed in 40 years… “Am I conservative or am I just logical!” Forget political affiliation… does it make sense?