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Dennis and Julie discuss the desire to always keep learning. Strive to do what you love for a living. Passionate individuals are infectious… the passionless are boring. Dennis did it his way, unafraid of the pressure to conform to societal norms. They lament the effects that masks have had on public interactions. The politicization of everything in society has killed social relations. Is Facebook fading in popularity… replaced by Instagram? Social media has crushed human to human exchanges. Is social media more detrimental to females? How do you protect children from the harmful aspects of social media? Shabbat provides a solution… having no screen time is beneficial for kids. What’s the fascination with posting food pics? If you’re not interesting, you’re not interested… you’re not bored, you’re boring. One way to avoid boredom is to find a way to make things fun. Dennis talks about his childhood… traveling alone at seven years old. Romantic behavior is great, romantic thought is dangerous. Love is love… it doesn’t matter who it comes from.