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Good intentions are no excuse for failed results. To be Conservative means to conserve the good values and morals from the past for new generations. Being a mature adult is not a value on the Left… they want adults to be children and children to be adults. The childish nature of Leftism believes that imperfection is awful. Only a child continues to be disturbed by the imperfection of its parents.

Topics include: Jen Psaki literally breaks down in tears over state laws that ban children from undergoing sex changes; Conservatives judge on results not intentions; the number of unarmed blacks killed by the police is astronomically lower than portrayed in the narrative for defunding the police; on the Left original thought is valued over clear thought; Everything does not need to be reimagined, many things have worked well for thousands of years; struggling early in life makes for a better human than growing up privileged; the idea of desiring maturity has been lost.