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Dennis and Julie are joined by Amala Ekpunobi – Prager U personality. They discuss humility, holding deep convictions, and handling fame. Is this the darkest time in America since the Civil war? Why is gender confusion unprecedently prevalent? The Left says there’s no difference between the sexes… if that’s true, what is the point of transitioning? Ideological subversion was a tactic openly used by Soviet Union to influence an entire nation not overnight, but over generations. This same strategy appears to be underfoot here in the United States via the Left. Dealing with family members of different political ideologies can be tough but is necessary. Setting a good example lasts longer than any spoken words. Asking whether something makes sense… should trump any political view. The label of “conservative” is applied to anyone who disagrees with the Left. A free-thinking Leftist is no longer a Leftist. The purpose of life is not to be comfortable. Dennis’ latest bible commentary Deuteronomy is out now. Did Dennis or Julie come out as conservative to anyone this week?
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