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Dennis and Julie delve into how real the show is…they both agree they must be the same person on and off the air. It’s not the actions that matter… it’s the intentions. God judges you is a more meaningful message than God loves you. It is also preferred that you fear God rather than loving God, when you fear God… you fear less. The Bible states that a person should fear their mother and father… in that order, for a reason. Julie has found that reading the Bible makes her calmer …Dennis suggests it is because it keeps her in touch with the eternal. The best is the enemy of the better. You cannot judge people from the past by today’s standards. You’ve got to know history… one of the staples of Julie’s new show Timeless. A discussion of how tonal languages are much harder to learn leads Dennis’ to share a story of his street fight in Marrakech. Why does Dennis love language so much?! Dennis recommends The Story of Language by Mario Pei if you love language too. What makes Finnish, Albanian, and Hungarian languages different than all others? When you learn other languages, you improve your own. They debate their favorite words in the English language. Is it harder to convert a liberal or a Leftist?